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     In June of 2016 a health newsletter written by a medical doctor reveals that melatonin, the popular supplement usually known as a sleep aid, can be used to prevent macular degeneration and even reduce the damage caused by it.  This could be our most powerful method of preventing the condition and improving our eyesight!  It has a dual action of inactivating free radicals affecting the retinas and building the body’s antioxidant production to stop further damage.

     The recommendation is to take at least 3 mg of melatonin before sleep.  It will not leave you “groggy” upon awakening.  A “timed release” melatonin lasts longer for best effects.

     Questions often arise about melatonin.  Melatonin is a natural hormone produced by the pineal gland in the center of the brain, and it promotes deep  sleep when it is at its maximum in the middle of the night.  The problem for most of us over age 60 is that the pineal gland makes less melatonin, and our sleep is usually short, 4 – 5 hours per night.

     Melatonin is helpful to natural body processes in promoting restful sleep, eliminating free  radicals, boosting the immune system, lowering cholesterol, and stabilizing  the daily circadian rhythm.

     There are no known levels of melatonin toxicity, but readers should ask their doctors for advice on the use of melatonin for their individual needs.  Read the label on the package before starting with melatonin.  According  to what we have found in our studies, it could adversely affect those on steroid drugs, those who are severely allergic, or those who have immune  system problems.  Anyone with a known medical condition should ask for the doctor’s advice before trying a new regimen.  

     For more information on ways to accomplish quality sleep for better vision, higher energy and alertness through the day, and improved health, see the book How I Beat Macular Degeneration in the Early Stages and How You Can, Too!



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As we get older, our natural melatonin, produced by the pineal gland in the center of the brain around 3:00 a.m. for deep sleep, diminishes and leaves us with incomplete sleep. We wake up in the middle of the night, become wide awake, and can not get back to sleep for several hours. Safe, proven steps –

(1) Get some vigorous exercise and be active during the day. Exercise prepares your muscles to generate signals to your body for rest and solid sleep.

(2) Sip some tart cherry juice with your dinner. Cherries are naturally rich in melatonin (the hormone responsible for sleepiness) and tryptophan, an amino acid the body uses to create even more melatonin. Also, a class of pigments called anthocyanins found in colorful fruit is able to slow the breakdown of tryptophan, thereby lengthening its sleep-inducing effects. You can buy tart cherry juice (even the organic type) in glass bottles at local markets.

(3) Take 3 mg of melatonin ½ hour before retiring. You can also take up to 1000 mg of GABA, a sleep-promoting vitamin sold at health food stores. The combination of the melatonin with the tart cherry juice works better than most other methods. Melatonin prevents and diminishes macular degeneration.

(4) Stay cool. Feeling cool from lowered body temperature triggers an increase in melatonin. Room temperature should be between 65 & 75 degrees.

(5) Stretch your leg muscles by bending over and trying to touch the floor with the ends of your fingers, between your feet and to the left and right of them. Straighten up and repeat these stretches until you are ready to fall over, and you will have relaxed your leg muscles for better sleep.

(6) Sleep on a magnetic mattress pad (also wear a magnetic headband) for increased healing (only if you do not have an implanted medical device such as a pacemaker or insulin pump, or a skin patch that dispenses a drug).

(7) If you do awaken early, warm up a cup of water to near boiling and drop 1/3 teaspoon of CALM® magnesium/calcium powder on it. Sip the full cup of magnesium water to induce sleep while you “surf” the Internet (install free
F.Lux® software – go to – to eliminate the blue screen color or wear yellow-colored glasses to block the computer screen’s blue light that will make you awake) or do some light reading. You will become drowsy and go back to deep sleep. Magnesium relaxes the nerves and is essential to a strong heart.

(8) If you are really having a problem trying to get back to sleep, take an Benadryl® allergy tablet or the equivalent. You need only the minimum 25mg. It will make you very drowsy, and you will go back to deep sleep. Also, if you are having allergy problems, it will clear your breathing.

(9) Inhale lavender oil scent on a cotton ball to relax, and keep it near you. All Internet sources researched say that this is safe and helpful for relaxing.

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Our nearest star, the sun, is the source of all life on Earth.  It can also be a danger, as we have known for the last 30 years when we have seen increasing skin cancer, and as proved for the last 15 years by a growing epidemic of the silent but sight-robbing eye condition called macular degeneration.

Our challenge now is to save ourselves, our families, and our friends from the increasing ultraviolet (UV) (blue) light from the sun.  News sources report that this year it is stronger than ever before.

Fortunately, there is an easy way to protect against today’s bright sunlight, with AMBER sunglasses, the color that filters out the harmful blue rays, providing a soothing feeling to the eyes and excellent vision.   POLARIZED lenses give even sharper vision, for safety in driving and seeing better into shady areas where pedestrians may be crossing.   A wide brim hat is also helpful when in the sun, to shade the eyes and avoid skin cancer as well.

We can avoid and even reverse the increasingly-widespread eye condition macular degeneration, when in its early stages, by being on a very healthy diet of delicious natural foods and adding certain eye-friendly supplements.  It is a simple, easy, and affordable daily regimen that boosts our energy levels and alertness throughout a busy day.  It is a perfect choice for busy people.

Our mission is to save the world from macular degeneration.

Scientists are working to save humanity from the effects of climate change.  At critical moments during the Cold War, key leaders acted heroically to save the world from nuclear destruction.  Our mission is almost as important, for all.

Saving the word from impending dangers is no small task.  For over 30 years, environmental scientists have been sounding the alarm on increasing levels of carbon dioxide which can push the Earth past a “tipping point” when it will go into a runaway greenhouse warming effect.  This would push the currently-increasing historic floods, droughts, and hurricanes to even worse levels.  Where is the proof of global warming?  Just look at the pictures of glaciers worldwide, melted back five miles or more from where they were in the 1980’s.

The ice over the Arctic has melted, making it possible for the first time in recorded history for ships to travel through the previously iced-over Arctic Ocean.  If the permafrost in the northern latitudes melts as it could soon, huge amounts of frozen methane will be released, for an even more powerful greenhouse warming effect than that of increasing carbon dioxide levels.  Can we save our planet?

During 13 tense days in October of 1962 we all lived in raw fear, minute by minute, as we listened to news reports of the confrontation between the United States and the Soviet Union concerning 42 Soviet missiles discovered in Cuba, aimed at American cities, dramatized so perfectly in the action thriller, true history docudrama Thirteen Days.

We asked ourselves, “Are we going to war?”  We all knew that a nuclear exchange would end humanity.  American leaders worked feverishly to negotiate, holding back military generals who wanted to strike first.  One heroic Russian submarine fleet commander saved all of us by ordering his four sub captains to NOT launch nuclear-tipped torpedoes at American ships.  Finally, decisions were made to pull back and save the world from the greatest crisis ever.

Now we work to save people’s eyesight worldwide from the newest impending crisis, the effects of an ever-brighter sun.

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Feel better, improve your health and vision, increase energy, and burn fat –

Include these SUPERFOODS in your daily regimen.  Organic foods are best –

Apples or applesauce – Apples have detoxifying pectin, quercetin, and fiber.

Avacados, almonds, and wheat germ all have protective Vitamin E.

Black coffee (not decaffeinated) is anti-inflammatory / protects the liver.

Leafy greens – Broccoli, collard greens, kale, spinach – these increase the liver’s detoxification processes greatly.  Watermelon, when in season, is a great detoxifier.

Onions – Their sulfur activates the liver’s detoxifying enzymes.  Red onions have more health-building quercetin.

Organic beets, fruits, and vegetables, blueberries – for antioxidants.

Spices — Sprinkle on turmeric, having curcumin, on dinner foods.

Whole-grain bread (non-GMO if available) & sweet potatoes, having complex carbohydrates (starches & glycogen).

Red wine (pinot noit, cabernet, or merlot) for resveratrol, up to one glass.

Include these supplements in your daily regimen –

B-complex vitamins, including choline and inositol, found in eggs.

Vitamin C, 1000 mg, between meals.

Water – Flush out toxins by drinking at least six (6) cups of distilled water daily.  Distilled water pulls toxins out of your body, and it should be used for drinking and in cooking.  Buy a quality home distiller, and make your own.  Avoid water sold in soft plastic bottles.

Avoid these – white bread, sodas, and sweets, which have simple (sugar) carbohydrates . Do not drink lemon juice in water – dentists advise that the citric acid is too harmful to tooth enamel, making dental cavities.  Avoid margarine, shortening, hydrogenated- or partly-hydrogenated oils.

Exercise, to rid the body of excess salt, provide better digestion, and promote better sleep. Obtain enough quality sleep each night to increase the healing processes and block toxins.  Take a 400 mg magnesium supplement with dinner to relax the nerves.  Melatonin (3 mg) can be taken (only 3 – 4 nights per week) if approved by your physician.  Do not overwork and then try to “catch up” on lost sleep on the weekend.

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Spiral-shaped compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) were thought to be the energy-saving answer to traditional light bulbs.  Now, reports from Europe indicate that when used in desk lamps, they can be a source of cataracts and skin cancer because their fluorescent coating on the spiral-shaped glass tends to develop cracks and leak UVB light.  Some consumers have seen both problems after 2 – 4 years’ use of CFLs in nearby desk lamps.

This is not a problem with straight overhead fluorescent lamps, which have been in successful use for many years in offices and in some homes.

Fortunately, we have other alternatives now: Incandescent 40-watt white ceiling fan bulbs for desk lamps and 40-watt or 60-watt halogen bulbs for room lights, as well as 75-watt LED lights for table lamps. Halogen bulbs and LEDs use less energy than older incandescent bulbs.

The low-cost halogen, which are a type of incandescent, last twice as long – 2000 hours – and are brighter.  LED bulbs last up to 25,000 hours and are bright, though some radiate light mainly out through the end.  They are higher-priced than low-cost halogen bulbs, but sometimes they are on sale at bargain prices.

To avoid the need to build 20 more power plants in some countries, higher-wattage incandescent lamps are being phased out, but some are exempt:  3-way bulbs, ceiling fan bulbs, and appliance bulbs.

Handle CFLs carefully and DO NOT BREAK – they have highly toxic mercury inside.  DO NOT THROW THEM IN THE TRASH.  Box them, protect them, and take them to the returns desk of a local home center for safe disposal.

Learn dozens of helpful, proven tips for your best health, and especially for the health of your eyes, in a new total health book, at

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